All girls trip: 7 reasons why Pondicherry should be your next destination

If you are looking for female friendly travel destinations in India, then the task can turn out to be lengthy and cumbersome. Yes, safety tops the list when you are zeroing in on a destination.

But there are a plenty of other concerns, some might sound trivial and few will be crucial. But nevertheless, we need these boxes to be ticked off for that amazing all-girls trip to happen.


Well, if you are a female planning an all-girls trip, then look no further. Pondicherry should be your destination.

I went there with my girlfriends and we had one of the most amazing times in this beachtown


  1. Pondicherry is super safe:

I am not reeling out this statement based on some statistics that I read (Well, the nerd that I am, when I made this statement here, I googled it and found my statement to be right)!!!

Telling from my personal experience, I just felt super safe here. You can don your favorite summer outfits and roam the streets.

Just excise a little caution and a bit of common sense you would in any part of the world and there would be nothing to worry about.

2. You will get picture perfect photos owing to the bright, summery backdrops.

You are travelling with your besties and invariably you would want to take a plethora of photos/selfies. Some for posterity and most of them for your Instagram feed.

You will be able to take the prettiest pictures here. With oodles of sunshine, neat roads lined with green trees and brightly painted buildings, pictures become postcard perfect with very little effort.


3. Shopping:

Pondicherry is home to Hidesign, a brand known for its high quality leather products like purses, bags, shoes and belts. They have a two-floored huge showroom here with a wide array of products to pick from at really low prices.


Well if that was for high street shopping, you can actually do street shopping as well here. By street shopping I don’t mean flimsy, ill-fitted, low quality products. The merchandise you find here are trendy, chic and urbane.

Some of the things we picked here were pastel jumpsuits, flowy skirts, yoga pants and gorgeous one piece dresses. Few of these were look alikes from popular brands like chemistry, Foverever21 at a price almost 1/10th of it!!!

Also you can shop home decor and pretty mugs outside Auroville ashram.


4. Hep accommodations:

If you do a google search, you are bound to zero in on Le Pondi as the best place to stay here. Yes, it’s great but there are so many more pretty, boutique hotels that you can try.


They come in bright Indo-French decor, striking artifacts and mini swimming pools. There will be an indoor cook in most of these places, who will be more than willing to give you a steady supply of tea/coffee/juice for a meager amount.

My girlfriends and I would perch around the pool with magazines and some refreshing beverage in the noon.


5. Food:

Well I relished food so much in Pondicherry that I wrote an entire blog on it.

Remember this was a place colonized by the French, so you will find French cuisines in most of the cafes/restaurants. So forget the calorie count and gorge on those delicious crepes, croissants, quiche and other savories.

6. Party scenes:

Nightlife in Pondi is understated. Crowd is good, ambiance is perfect, prices are cheap (If I am not wrong, liquor is tax-exempt here) and music is eclectic.

Some of the popular places you can try are:

  1. Rendezvous
  2. Dragon Lounge


7. That dash of serenity:

Well I am not sure why I put this as the last point. Maybe it’s just that with all these amazing things we just end up taking the beautifully serene Auroville ashram and the beaches for granted.

If you plan to enter the ashram, ensure to do prior bookings, lest you have to be happy with just gazing at it from a distance.

Coming to beaches, most of these are rocky beaches, beautiful and with their own charm. Like me if you are a Yoga addict, take your mat there and belt out those perfect asanas while the morning sun spreads its golden rays around.

After all that partying and binge eating that you would have subjected your body to, it will surely thank you for this detox!

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